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    Welcoming Summers with Umbrellas

    by  • 23 May, 2017 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The air holds a vibrancy that winter seems to lack; the sky appears more blue and the future feels more promising. From golden sunshine to beautiful flowers, summer can warm even the coldest heart. But is everything good about summers, especially places where...

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    10 most unique wall clocks in World

    by  • 14 February, 2017 • Decor Ideas, Wall Decor •  Comments

    Decorate your bedroom, living room or your office, the artistic beauty is sure to bring compliments. You can hang these wall clocks very easily with the help of metal holder given at the back side. 1. ECOLOG Raw Wood Wall Clock This clock is made of reclaimed wood, precisely fallen tree trunk to create...

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    Creating a Funky bedroom for your Teenager

    by  • 19 January, 2014 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Decorating your teenager’s bedroom can be gruesome if both of you have different taste. Remember your time as a teen when you felt that your parents just did not understand what being cool was for your generation. The same argument comes now when you are the parent. But, with a little willingness of keeping...

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    The Swedish Style Décor

    by  • 9 December, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Swedish Style home décor comprises of unique Scandinavian modernism inspired by European tradition with bold displays. This style is characterized by high ceilings, soapstone stove and tall windows to let in the intense daylight of summer that lasts till 10:00 p.m. The Swedish cottages can be either in modern or traditional style with cleanly...

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    Kitchen Gardening

    by  • 25 November, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Home, small or large, every season you can meet gardening. Yeah you can prepare your own Kitchen Garden in pots. House where six to seven hours of sun falls placed the pots there, pots should be at least 12 Inches Depth. The pot should not use dark colors because it takes more heat. Pots...

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    “Anti – Trend” a New Concept

    by  • 11 November, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    As usually where the Interior Designers are using the concept of mix and match for decorating our homes Interior. Now a new concept entered in the market that is something called ‘Anti-Trend’ Concept. Under this concept the designers are using a different thing or colour, that is the totally different from the other colours...

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    Home Full of Natural Enviornment

    by  • 30 October, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Various Indoor plants with different colourful flower make them healthy environment in home. So we have to gift these plants to our home, Let us go through some important points to make our home healthier…   While purchasing the Indoor Plants Some basic points are to be remembering at the time of purchasing plants...

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    DIWALI SALE @ artlivo.com

    by  • 5 October, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Decorate your home with some beautiful and unique candle holders from “artlivo” this Diwali. Artlivo has decided to provide a discount of 15% on all its candles and candle holders for anyone who buys before October 15, 2013. The offer is generated keeping in mind our loving customers who would love to buy the...

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    Decor via English Country Style

    by  • 1 October, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Décor in English Country home features layered feelings of many generations. There’s always celebration of life and feeling of permanence in these homes whether it be a grand country manor in the midst of manicured parkland or is a charming cottage in a village side street. In English Country Décor style colors used are...

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    Festooning the Kitchenette

    by  • 2 September, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    The most gratifying gift you can give to yourself and your family is a well modulated kitchen. It is a place where memories are made in the most natural way in the form of late night talks and casual celebrations. It is where you nurture the bodies and souls of your loved ones. The...

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    I love Colors…

    by  • 6 August, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Your selection of color in home decor reveals quite a lot about you as a person. Every aspect of our life whether physical or emotional gets affected from colors. Colors can make a room appear intimate or loftier, smaller or larger. It can entirely change the mood and proportion of a room. For instance...

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    Why am I decorating my “bathroom”?

    by  • 30 June, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Why decorate your lavatory? Well because it’s a room in your house whether private or common, needs consideration in terms of decoration to make it a pleasant space. With little expense and effort this abandoned place may it be large or small can be converted into an inviting place to spend time. Designing the interior...

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    Vintage Paraat Mirror

    by  • 24 June, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    We are working on different models and approach on creating unique designs for your home and this time we ended making a mirror out of an old single piece wood paraat. Here is the transformation! This is how you can use these Vintage Paraat Mirror on your walls.

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    Home Décor – “The Eco-friendly” way

    by  • 17 June, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Being environment friendly or Go green is the need of the hour. Go green doesn’t mean that the entire décor would be in theme of green. There are different ways to redecorate a house while being kind to the environment. Irrespective of style statement you can still decorate your home green without converting it into a forest....

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    My Home – My Way !!

    by  • 15 May, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    With an increasing preference for relaxed lifestyle, Casual style décor is gaining popularity in homes today. The features of Casual style of decoration can be incorporated everywhere including rooms, kitchen or bathroom to make it comfortable. Casual interior consists of simple elements and arrangements displaying not so perfect look. Furniture displayed in Casual style...

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    Remember the “Decor Rules”

    by  • 24 April, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    We all decked up daily without any hassle. With selecting apparels to accessories we do it all with great ease, then why it becomes difficult when it comes to selection for home decor? Let’s recall some basic rules of fashion and shopping. You may find these points conventional but have you ever thought that the same rules can...

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    “Formal Style” Home Décor featuring Sumptuousness

    by  • 2 April, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    Formal Style home décor is a combination of elements displaying elegance and luxury. This décor is generally found in hotels but can also be incorporated at various places including homes and offices. Houses are usually not constructed keeping in mind any particular style décor, but by adding certain elements these houses can be converted into desired homes....

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