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    A Different Angle

    by  • 11 March, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    With home makeover one can create “a different angle” of viewing the same space. Home makeover does not always call for complete renovation. Even with few simple changes one can transform an ordinary space into vivacious one giving it a new and fresh look.   Clear the Clutter Make your space free from unwanted furniture and...

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    Railway Lamp

    by  • 27 February, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    As the Railways continued to operate during the hours of darkness lamps were needed for a multitude of functions. Most Handlamps contain glass lenses of Red and blue/green and sometimes orange with either no glass or a clear one for use as a torch. Thus they are called three aspect and four aspect lamps with...

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    My Room

    by  • 10 January, 2013 • Decor Ideas •  Comments

    After finishing all the painting work and putting new furniture still your room looks dull and lifeless? Now is the time to give special touch up to the room to make it sparkle. Here are some magical do’s to add charm and interest to your personal space. Using an Old Piece An antique and carefully chosen...

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    Candles – “A symbol of light”

    by  • 5 January, 2013 • Table Decor •  Comments

    A solid block of wax with an embedded wick, “candles” lit to provide light, and sometimes heat, and historically as a method of keeping time. Candle has a special significance for mankind. Candle lighting is a traditional form of expressions in many cultures especially across international borders and societies. Lighting a candle has lot of benefits. Apart from lighting the surroundings...

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    “Face” on the wall

    by  • 3 January, 2013 • Wall Decor •  Comments

    Trends and styles in interior décor are only limited by the imagination. Wall masks are décor objects which have retained their novelty. As objects of art which evoke interest and curiosity, wall masks can make the space appear unique. If you are thinking of including wall masks to decorate your interior spaces, read further...

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    Me and You…

    by  • 31 December, 2012 • Table Decor •  Comments

    Bring home a piece of art and tradition with Artlivo’s vintage wooden spice boxes and travel back to the familiar sights and smells of your mother’s kitchen, to cinnamon-y memories of Sunday breakfasts and the spicy aroma of deep fried treats on rainy days. These spice boxes, carved from a single piece of wood...

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    Cross(ing) your walls

    by  • 6 December, 2012 • Decor Ideas, Wall Decor •  Comments

    The symbol of Christianity i.e. “Cross” represents salvation from sins offered and hope. A public way of acknowledging gift of Christ to mankind is by display of Cross on walls of Churches, Homes and Businesses. A decorative Wall Cross made of wood or metal reminds of faith and spirituality. As an icon it symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus representing...

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    Mirror – Reflecting the outer and inner Soul

    by  • 23 November, 2012 • Decor Ideas, Wall Decor •  Comments


      Mirrors have been fascinating humankind for centuries. Initially taken as a reflection in still water it gradually evolved to stone and metal reflections. People started using it in their various endeavors like for scientific purposes or decoration. Mirrors not only reflect the outside world but also the inner soul. Humans have been using...

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    Using “Keys” for Home Décor

    by  • 22 November, 2012 • Decor Ideas, Wall Decor •  Comments


    Home Décor is the art of artistically combining imagination with creativity. Through treasure hunting we can find such objects and from their visual impact can create a new decorative piece. One such object is Vintage keys. It can become a different and attractive decorative element for purpose of home décor. The possibilities for using...

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