• Vintage Paraat Mirror

    by  • 24 June, 2013 •  Comments

    We are working on different models and approach on creating unique designs for your home and this time we ended making a mirror out of an old single piece wood paraat. Here is the transformation! This is how you can use these Vintage Paraat Mirror on your walls.

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    Home Décor – “The Eco-friendly” way

    by  • 17 June, 2013 •  Comments

    Being environment friendly or Go green is the need of the hour. Go green doesn’t mean that the entire décor would be in theme of green. There are different ways to redecorate a house while being kind to the environment. Irrespective of style statement you can still decorate your home green without converting it into a forest....

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    Father’s Day Contest

    by  • 16 June, 2013 •  Comments

    Fun and excitement all 4 days, would like to thank all the participants who took part in the contest and also the people who supported to make them win. Everyone tried their level best to get into the top, but Gunavathy Ghun Jain finally managed to make it, and winning a cash voucher worth...

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    by  • 31 May, 2013 •  Comments

    Are you roasted under the scorching hot sun this summer as temperature continues to rise? Have an idea to beat the heat? Share with us along with the product you like the most @ www.artlivo.comsimply by tweeting us on our twitter account (http://bit.ly/artlivotwitter) and we will help you to grab that product. The most innovative...

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    The Delhi Delivery

    by  • 21 May, 2013 •  Comments

    After much anticipation and continuous focus towards service part, we are finally able to manage our system which can offer delivery within 48 hours in Delhi NCR region.

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    My Home – My Way !!

    by  • 15 May, 2013 •  Comments

    With an increasing preference for relaxed lifestyle, Casual style décor is gaining popularity in homes today. The features of Casual style of decoration can be incorporated everywhere including rooms, kitchen or bathroom to make it comfortable. Casual interior consists of simple elements and arrangements displaying not so perfect look. Furniture displayed in Casual style...

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    MOM WOW Contest Winner

    by  • 13 May, 2013 •  Comments

    4 Days – fun and excitement, would like to thank all the participants who took part in the contest and also the people who supported to make them win. Everyone tried their level best to get into the top, but Gunjan Agarwal finally managed to make it, and winning the photo frame, tea coffee...

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    MOM WOW Contest !!

    by  • 9 May, 2013 •  Comments

    Mother’s day- MOM WOW contest! So, this mother’s day we bring you a super fun MOM WOW contest!…All you need to do is…. Pick a photo (can be old or new), you feel best portrays the meaning of motherhood to you!. Pick a photo frame from artlivo’s website (at http://www.artlivo.com/table-decor/photo-frames) you want your photo to...

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    Remember the “Decor Rules”

    by  • 24 April, 2013 •  Comments

    We all decked up daily without any hassle. With selecting apparels to accessories we do it all with great ease, then why it becomes difficult when it comes to selection for home decor? Let’s recall some basic rules of fashion and shopping. You may find these points conventional but have you ever thought that the same rules can...

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    “Formal Style” Home Décor featuring Sumptuousness

    by  • 2 April, 2013 •  Comments

    Formal Style home décor is a combination of elements displaying elegance and luxury. This décor is generally found in hotels but can also be incorporated at various places including homes and offices. Houses are usually not constructed keeping in mind any particular style décor, but by adding certain elements these houses can be converted into desired homes....

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    A Different Angle

    by  • 11 March, 2013 •  Comments

    With home makeover one can create “a different angle” of viewing the same space. Home makeover does not always call for complete renovation. Even with few simple changes one can transform an ordinary space into vivacious one giving it a new and fresh look.   Clear the Clutter Make your space free from unwanted furniture and...

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    Railway Lamp

    by  • 27 February, 2013 •  Comments

    As the Railways continued to operate during the hours of darkness lamps were needed for a multitude of functions. Most Handlamps contain glass lenses of Red and blue/green and sometimes orange with either no glass or a clear one for use as a torch. Thus they are called three aspect and four aspect lamps with...

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    artlivo @ Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013

    by  • 18 February, 2013 •  Comments

    Its always been great for anyone to be a part of the second largest arts festival in the world or you can say the “Mecca of Indian Art”. What makes it so special is the people who always try to make this festival one of the best in this world with their presence, their...

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    My Room

    by  • 10 January, 2013 •  Comments

    After finishing all the painting work and putting new furniture still your room looks dull and lifeless? Now is the time to give special touch up to the room to make it sparkle. Here are some magical do’s to add charm and interest to your personal space. Using an Old Piece An antique and carefully chosen...

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    Artlivo Contest of the Week

    by  • 9 January, 2013 •  Comments

    Artlivo Contest of the Week !! (January 7, 2013 – Jaunary 13, 2013) “Play Music with Artlivo” Comment with what musical instruments these musicians are playing and 3 lucky winners will get a chance to win 20% off voucher on artlivo.com. www.artlivo.com Meaningful Art | Beautiful Living.

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    Contest Winners

    by  • 7 January, 2013 •  Comments

    Congratulations Winners !! The winner of the last week contest announced. Will inbox the details on how to redeem your gift. Keep participating. www.artlivo.com

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    Candles – “A symbol of light”

    by  • 5 January, 2013 •  Comments

    A solid block of wax with an embedded wick, “candles” lit to provide light, and sometimes heat, and historically as a method of keeping time. Candle has a special significance for mankind. Candle lighting is a traditional form of expressions in many cultures especially across international borders and societies. Lighting a candle has lot of benefits. Apart from lighting the surroundings...

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    Artlivo Contest of the Week

    by  • 4 January, 2013 •  Comments

    ARTLIVO CONTEST OF THE WEEK (till 6th Jan 2013) Comment below on what would you like to store in these “Vintage Spice Boxes” and you could be our next winner. PS: This week’s prize is a gift voucher from Artlivo. All participants get an assured gift.

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    “Face” on the wall

    by  • 3 January, 2013 •  Comments

    Trends and styles in interior décor are only limited by the imagination. Wall masks are décor objects which have retained their novelty. As objects of art which evoke interest and curiosity, wall masks can make the space appear unique. If you are thinking of including wall masks to decorate your interior spaces, read further...

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